Fachkräftequalifizierung weltweit

BWP 5/2013 ist erschienen

Indien, China, Russland, USA, Mexiko und Ägypten – Einblicke in Konzepte und Aktivitäten zur Fachkräftequalifizierung in diesen Ländern geben die Beiträge in der aktuellen BWP-Ausgabe. Dabei geht es unter anderem auch um die Frage, ob und wie sich Elemente der dualen Ausbildung transferieren lassen.

Training of skilled workers worldwide

The need for qualified personnel confronts education systems and business worldwide with the challenge to adjust and further develop their initial and further education and training concepts. Specific routes are chosen depending on the situation and national particularities. The articles in this issue provide insight into activities and developments in various non-European countries. They deal with, among other questions, whether and how elements of the dual system of education and training can be transferred. BIBB Research Director Reinhold Weiß stresses in his editorial that duality is much more than providing internships for vocational school students. He sees motivating businesses to take responsibility for the qualified and systematic training of young people as a major challenge. Other contributions in this issue deal with how informal and non-formal learning can be made visible in the context of the German Qualifications Framework, with the connection between gratification crises and tendencies to terminate training contracts prematurely, with a method for constructing categories of commercial occupations and with approaches to employer branding.

Quelle:, 07.10.2013